Landscaping is suppose to create a reposeful environment, so First Impression Landscaping
pays particular attention to ease of maintenance when designing landscaping solutions.
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Ease of Maintenance

Having spent years in grounds keeping, we know how frustrating it can be to have a great looking landscape only to find that it takes way too much effort and time to maintain. Our landscape designs pay particular attention to ease of maintenance.

One way this is achieved is by creating shrubs and flower beds whose edges flow with natural Ease of Maintenance with curved borders curves. They are pleasing to the eye, yet allow the you to mow uninterrupted around the beds. We can easily associate with the homeowner or groundskeeper who hates to get off the mower in order to pick up the weed eater to cut down a patch of grass that the mower just can't reach.

After your designs have been implemented and upon request, you will receive a portfolio including pictures, a brief description and care tips for each plant used. These resources come in handy not only in assuring the lifelong success of each plant, but also in getting to know and appreciate your landscape to the point where you can show off when someone asks you, "What kind of plant is that?"

After all, landscaping is suppose to create outdoor space or "rooms" in which to relax and enjoy. If it takes too much work to maintain - what's the point?


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