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The Landscaping Process

First Impression Landscaping prides itself on working closely with our clients while designing a landscape.  After all, you're the boss.  We encourage one-on-one involvement, yet respect your time and try to make it as brief a process as possible.  The landscape process proceeds as follows:

  • To save time (yours and ours), we begin the landscape process with an initial meeting to get a feel for your desires for the plan.
  • Next we devise a list of carefully researched and chosen plants and/or hardscape items to best fulfill your desires and budget.
  • Digital photography is then taken of your site to serve as the "before" pictures.
  • Using digital imagery software specially created for the landscape architect, we design your plan including pictures of the plants as they will appear after two to three years of growth.
  • The pictorial "after" plans are presented to your for your approval or for further alterations.
  • Once a finished plan is agree upon, it is installed.
We have found that this procedure saves considerable time and allows you to actually see what you are getting before a shovel ever breaks ground.

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