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Retaining Walls

Hardscapes such as retaining walls can be made with concrete stone blocks or a variety of field stone to create either a natural or a formal look. When done correctly, the new wall will blend in with the terrain rather than compete against it.

Fieldstone Retaining Wall in KalamazooAny hill, slope or dip is an invitation for such a landscaping technique. Retaining Walls can help soften a slope or turn a steep hill into a manageable terrace.  Additionally, it will make a boring, flat area more three-dimensional while adding height and depth for plantings. They invoke a timelessness to the surrounding area and provide a backdrop for highlighting the colors and textures of landscape flora.Fieldstone Retaining Wall on Eagle Lake Planted with trailing plants to cascade over the hardscape and shrubs that flower in spring and turn golden in the fall, hardscapes compliment any home or business while giving a sense of permanence in the community.

Following are examples of other hardscape possibilities:

  • Adding a set of stairs to a retaining wall in a material such as New York Blue Stone will create a two-story outdoor "room".
  • Brick paver walkways direct pedestrian traffic with more grace and style than the traditional cement sidewalk. Materials range in variety and types and can be set in a wide array of patterns.
  • Natural stone walkways (i.e. slate, flagstone) provide a much more natural look yet serve the same purpose as the more formal paver walkways.
  • Arbors, trellises, invitational seating, stone croppings and concrete planters add personality to a landscape while presenting additional focal points for the eye.
  • Pre-formed blocks which can be used to create naturally curving retaining walls to naturally break up an unmanageable slope and present a backdrop for beds planted at its base.

Impressive retaining block wall terrace and stair system on Gravel Lake

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