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Sea Walls

Here in southwest Michigan, sea walls are greatly needed as we have so many motor boats and jet ski waves which Seawall for Michigan inland lakeconstantly erode away the beaches of our inland lakes.  With so many sea wall options, it's difficult to know exactly which type is best suited keep erosion from occurring while protecting the environment and still looking beautiful from the water. 

First Impression Landscaping has taken the the time to do all that research and has found the best product for the Kalamazoo / Portage / southwest Michigan area inland lakes. The answer was obvious.  We have chosen to specialize in installation of vinyl ShoreGuard seawalls. Here's a little bit about the product we found so amazing.

A seawall’s job is to hold back soil and to act as a barrier from water pulling the soil into the water which causes erosion and property loss. ShoreGuard's vinyl seawall is designed to do this and more.  Unlike seawalls made of chemically treated wood, concrete, or steel which deteriorate all too quickly, the ShoreGuard seawall system can withstand heavy loads, extremely corrosive salt water, marine borer attacks and violent storms. Just look at the difference between wood, steel and the ShoreGuard seawall system.

ShoreGuard vs wood seawall for Michigan  Michigan ShoreGuard vs steel seawall
Also, their marine grade aluminum seawall is thick enough to compete with steel, but light enough to cut installation costs.  Here are some more specifics detailing why we like the ShoreGuard system:
  • The best color variety available (See Samples)
  • The most attractive and "finished-looking" capping
  • 27 different interlocking sheets in sizes and materials
    ranging from light-weight residential to heavy industrial
  • Manufactured by a company with over 50 years
    experience in the industry
  • Consistent quality and long-life durability
  • 50 year warranty

Following are some other images of the finished sea walls.

The beautiful capping on our seawalls

The finished seawall is athestically pleasing  First Impression pays particular attention to STRAIGHT lines when installing seawalls

Michigan Seawall available from First Impression Landscaping  Michigan Seawall enduring winter conditions

beach seawall for Michigan lakes  Michigan Seawall Wale

Black Seawall Capping on Michigan inland lake  White Seawall Capping from Michigan landscaper


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