Keep your eye on this page to see what's blooming in southwest Michigan
each season of the year, beginning with Spring.

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Southwest Michigan - What's Blooming?

SPRING - There's no doubt that Spring in southwest Michigan is a beautiful time of the year.  Following are trees and shrubs which are blooming in late April, early May.

forsythia Forsythia - Showy, rounded shrub that explodes in brilliant masses of yellow flowers. Use as a background shrub or as a feature in the perennial garden. Upright grower, excellent as a screen. Deciduous. Full sun. Moderate grower to 8 feet tall, 6 feet wide.


Redbud Redbud - Beautiful garden tree valued for its timing; petite purple-red flowers on bare branches bridge the gap between winter and spring! New foliage has soft-pink tint, maturing to lustrous rich green. Deciduous. Full sun. Moderate grower to 15 feet tall and wide.


Bradford Pear Bradford Pear - Narrow conical shaped lawn and shade tree displays outstanding clusters of white flowers early in season; terrific yellow to red to purple foliage color in fall. Beautiful garden addition that produces no edible fruit. Deciduous. Full sun. Moderate grower to 30 to 35 feet tall, 20 to 25 feet wide, larger and broader with age.


Flowering Almond Flowering Almond - In early spring the bare slender stems of this shrub transform into wands of fluffy, pompom-like pink flowers. The handsome, light green, willow-like foliage adds to the beauty of this clumping, upright, spreading plant. Prune heavily after flowering to promote strong new growth for next year’s blooms. Excellent for use as an informal hedge, accent or mixed border planting. Cut blooming branches to bring indoors for fresh flower arrangements. Deciduous. Full sun. Grows vigorously to 4 to 6 feet tall and wide.


Flowering Quince Flowering Quince - Delightful soft apricot-pink blooms precede foliage, among first flowers to appear each year and long-lasting! Useful compact hedge or shrub. Greenish-yellow quince-like fruit attracts birds. Deciduous. Full sun. Moderate grower to 3 feet tall, 5 feet wide.


Doublefile Viburnum Doublefile Viburnum - Broadly rounded form to this medium size deciduous shrub. Its dense tiered horizontal branches magnificently display the profusion of large flower clusters. Red fruit in fall is very ornamental.


LATE SPRING - As spring blossoms take their turn dazzling a landscape and eventually fade to greenery, several bushes and trees begin their awakening. They are just as breathtaking and serve to lengthen spring in Michigan. Here's what's blooming in June.

Mock Orange Mock Orange - Beautiful, extremely fragrant double white flowers in late spring make a striking landscape specimen with a fountain-like form. Useful as a screen or informal hedge. Effective background plant.


Kouse Dogwood Kousa Dogwood - Attractive horizontal tiers of branches help make this small deciduous tree popular. Splendid profusion of large white bracts followed in fall by hanging red fruit. Autumn leaves have red-scarlet tints. Special accent.



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